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Einscan Pro 2X v2 Desktop and Handheld Scanner

Einscan Pro 2X v2 Desktop and Handheld Scanner

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Portable, high-accuracy, and multifunctional

The Einscan Pro 2X includes a FREE Industrial Pack (tripod and turntable)!

The Einscan Pro 2X desktop and handheld 3D scanner offers an efficient scanning system for capturing sub-millimeter resolution and accuracy on parts the size between 0.8 in / 20 mm to 6 ft3 / 1900 mm3. In the Shining 3D Einscan Pro 2X, the resolution, or point distance, is adjustable between 0.16 to 3 millimeters depending on your goal, whether to produce a very dense point cloud to represent small surface features or a less detailed model for the overall figureThe volumetric accuracy of scanned models can reach 0.3 millimeters per meter to the actual object with proper use of the scanner.

Operating a handheld Einscan Pro 2X 2020 scanner will take some practice and we offer free training programs to build expertise. Handheld scanners are instantaneous capture systems that take 15-30 frames per second to create detailed 3D models. Imagine you are using a paintbrush with a camera at the end to color in every surface, nook, and cranny of your subject. The included scanning software, ExScan, does an amazing job at aligning each frame together instantaneously with 3 alignments methods: unique features on the model's surface, reflective markers which can be added to the surface, or by an object's unique color profile. 

You can also use the Einscan Pro 2X as a desktop scanner with a tripod and turntable (included).  In this fixed scan mode, place an object onto the turntable and hit the scan button. Each shot is around 4 seconds and a full 360-degree scan in 8 steps would take around 32 seconds. The turntable will rotate a user-specified number of steps and capture the various faces of the object. Turn your model around to capture it at different angles and the included software, ExScan, will align each shot to create a full 3D object for export to a mesh format: STL, OBJ, ASC, or PLY. True color capture in 24-bit is also available with an additional module: the color pack available for purchase, separately.

Mesh editing software include free software such as Meshmixer and Meshlab which provide many good tools for improving the file for 3D printing. 3D graphics software such as Z-Brush and Substance Painter can help make game-engine, animation, or movie assets. Rhino 3D and SolidEdge are two CAD software that have good mesh compatibility for designing with the mesh files. Siemens NX, CatiaFusion 360 and SolidWorks are a few other CAD software with some mesh tools or plugins that can use the mesh file as a reference for design work. 

Technical Specifications

Accuracy: 0.04 mm single shot | 0.3 mm/m

Point Distance: 0.16 - 3 mm

Recommended Object Size:  0.8 in / 20 mm ~ 6 ft / 1900 mm cubed

Light Source: White LEDs

Scan Speed: 1,500,000 points/sec | 3,000,000 points/sec
10 - 30 FPS

Computer Recommendations

Hardware Recommendations:

  • Intel dual-core i7 or higher processor
  • Nvidia RTX 1060 series or higher graphics card (Intel Integrated or AMD cards will NOT WORK with this scanner)
  • 4 GB minimum VRAM and 32 GB minimum RAM | 6 GB VRAM and 64 GB RAM recommended
  • USB 3.0 connection

Supported OS: Windows 8.1, 10, 11 (64bit)

Package Includes

Package 1:

Einscan Pro 2x Scanner
ExScan Pro Scan Software
SolidEdge Shining3D Edition
Calibration Board Kit
USB Cable (Scanner to PC)
Power Supply
5280 pc Reflective Marker pack
Hard carrying case with handle

Package 2:

Industrial Pack (Tripod and Turntable)


Dimensions: 57 x 21 x 21 cm [22.44 x 8.27 x 8.27 in]
Shipping Weight:
4.9 kg [10.78 lb]
2.5 kg [5.5 lb]

Shipping & Returns

Free Express shipping 2-3 business days

Priority shipping 1-2 business days at a charge

30-Day Return policy - please refer to Return & Exchange policy for details

Warranty Options

standard 1-year warranty from the date of purchase is included to cover repairs of scanner failure due to manufacturing defects with a target completion of 7 to 14 days. If the product is found to be defective within 30 days of arrival, then it will be replaced with a new unit.

An additional 2-year premium warranty can be purchased now or before the end of 1-year complimentary warranty. Please contact us for a quote.

Premium care provides you with priority support such as front-of-the-queue 1 to 2 day target completion, coverage of return shipping costs, and 5% discount on accessories. If the repair will take longer than 3 days, then a loaner scanner of your model will be provided to you until the repair is finished.

Misuse, abuse, wear and tear, environmental or natural disasters, and other unwarranted
damages are not covered by any warranty plan.

Financing Options

Financing can go up to 5 years, please email us at and ask for a 60-second application.

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