• Reverse Engineering

    The process of analyzing the construction of a product with the intention of developing a similar or an improved design.

  • 3D Inspection

    Quality control against manufacturing defects by comparing 3D scan data from a physical object against a CAD model.

  • 3D Visualization

    Modeling an object digitally into 3D form by referencing an existing object rather than creating from scratch.

  • Additive/ Subtractive Manufacturing

    3D scanning and manufacturing opens the doors to create customized products in the medical field, automotive and fashion indsutry, consumer products, and more!

  • Scientific Measurement

    Examine and compare the physical similarities and differences between two or more related objects by collecting measurements for variations and analysis.

  • And Much More!

    We are always suprised by the ideas that our customers have! We'd love to partner with you to figure out how 3D scanning technology can assist you.

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Why Should You Use 3D Scanners?

Humans are brilliant creatures. We are always looking to further understand the world around us, determined to become more efficient and streamline processes, and constantly trying to improve. That's what makes the dawn of 3D scanning equipment and technology so revolutionary yet very human. At 3D Wonders, our scanners do more than simply create detailed composite models; they’re changing the way industries function.

3D scanners allow you to deconstruct and reconstruct complex product designs so that you can reverse engineer parts or products and revolutionize their designs. They're also changing how the medical industry creates custom prosthetics and orthotics, allowing prosthetists to give those with limb differences and mobility issues more comfortable and durable solutions. These scanners can pick up minute details, making what was once invisible to the naked eye now clear and measurable.

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