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Eleven Dynamics Automation Suite for 3D Scanners and Cobots

Eleven Dynamics Automation Suite for 3D Scanners and Cobots

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Create your smart factory of the future with our Automation Suite and 3D measurement technology. As the world's first open platform for automated metrology, Eleven Dynamics helps companies to create a SMART FACTORY 4.0. For this, measurement data is essential and has an impact on every production step. PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE is the milestone we want to achieve in this process, and great support is our priority, so we invest in SUSTAINABLE STRUCTURES. We designed our software to integrate with any robot, hardware, and software to provide endless opportunities for automation.


Our software makes it possible to integrate any cobot in our system, regardless of brand or model. We also implemented default configurations for these following companies.

Universal Robot | Kuka | Omron | Elite Robots | Yasakawa | Fanuc | ABB | Aubo


We specialize in seamlessly integrating any 3D digitizing hardware into our automation solutions for maximum efficiency and flexibility.

Shining3D FreeScan 3D Scanners | ScanTech | Leica Geosystems | Hexagon | Zeiss


Our advanced software solutions are designed to harmonize with existing software, opening up unlimited possibilities in automation.

Geomagic Control X | PolyWorks | Verisurf | MetrologX4 | SpatialAnalyzer | Inspire

Various licenses available

1. SIMULATION Creation of a digital twin concept for your future measurement cell

2. NEXOS 4.0 DESIGN & EXECUTE License (1 Month) - Simple execution, programming and design of your own measurement cell. Change and program at will.

3.  NEXOS 4.0 EXECUTE License - Simple execution of predefined programs at your measurement cell

4. NEXOS 4.0 PROGRAMMING License - Simple execution and programming of your own measurement routines

5. NEXOS AIR License - Create and run programs, on site (measuring cell) and remote, Collaborative robots & handheld scanners

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