A Marker's Journey with Einscan HX by IMEE MADE

Step into the world of 3D scanning with a discerning eye for excellence. As the quest for precision and innovation beckons, our Innovators and Makers communities inquire about the variances between professional 3D scanners and their hobbyist counterparts.

Enter the realm of IMEE MADE, please meet Louis, an esteemed engineer renowned for his five-year tenure of popular DIY projects. His most successful project attracted 1.7M views on Youtube! Yet, in his pursuit, he has relied upon a hobbyist 3D scanner—until now.

In May 2024, we entrusted Louis with the Einscan HX, a professional 3D scanner that is widely used by businesses. Join us as we witness the transformation, as Louis elevates his craft to unprecedented heights with the precision and capabilities of our Einscan HX professional 3D scanner!

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