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Geomagic Essentials

Geomagic Essentials

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Mesh Cleanup 

Fixing meshes perfectly with a high triangle count is one of the most difficult tasks in the industry. Geomagic Essentials provides you with tools to analyze problem areas, repair complex holes, and refine high-poly models. When we bring a mesh model into the software, an automatic mesh doctor tool will examine all errors on its surface for 3D printing or reverse engineering. We are then presented a range of tools to fix missing areas (fill holes manually or automatically) and remove surface imperfections (defeature, sandpaper, smooth, sharpen). Once we are finished editing the model we can refine the triangles for a more uniform distribution while keeping the sharpness around edges and important features. These tools combined with a final decimation process can transform a messy scan to a fully usable model for digital applications and reverse engineering.   

Feature Extraction and NURBS Surfacing

These are two ways Geomagic Essentials software helps with reverse engineering. If your focus is on solid modeling, you can use Geomagic Essentials reverse engineering to extract surfaces, solids, and curve data (wire-frame geometry) to use as references in your CAD software. The region and feature extraction toolkit will help you extract 2D data (points, lines, circles, rounded and rectangular slots) and 3D shapes (cylinders, cones, circles, etc.) and export into an IGES or STP format. The curve drawing tools will help you extract wire-frame geometry (free-drawn curves, boundaries, cross sections, planes) and export to IGES format. These two datasets combined with the cleaned mesh file provide useful references in 3D space to re-model the part in your native CAD software.

Once we create an optimized mesh model, run the auto-surfacing tool to create a free-form NURBS model and export it in a neutral format CAD file - STP or IGES file. Most CAD programs have good compatibility with NURBS models and will let the user edit the part by adding sketches on its surface and manipulating basic solid shapes for operations like adding and subtracting to recreate surface features. This is especially helpful if your focus is on free-form modeling because you can freely manipulate the surface data in Geomagic and most CAD programs. 

Package Includes

One computer-locked perpetual license with free updates, upgrades, and software support. There are no yearly maintenance fees. The license can be shared with colleagues. Contact us for more information.

Shipping & Returns

Software activation code is delivered to you via email with installation instructions.

If you change your mind after purchasing software, you have 24 hours to request an order cancellation. Once the software activation code is sent to you via email, the order cannot be cancelled, returned, exchanged nor refunded.

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Financing options are available through:

- Shop Pay for up to 12-month financing (application at checkout),

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