Why choose 3D Wonders?

Our Mission

We believe investing in advanced 3D scanning and measurement technology can truly transform the way you do business.

Our goal as your technology partner is to bring you the right 3D solutions that improve the efficiency and accuracy of the product design and engineering process. We're here to listen to your challenges and goals for a new undertaking. Give us a call at (925) 403 1322, we welcome any questions you have about our products and services. 

Which 3D Scanner Is Right For You? Let us eliminate the guesswork for you! Fill out our short questionnaire and we’ll email you the results directly to your inbox. Take the test →

Customer Benefits

Let's face it. Time is limited and there is a lot to accomplish. When you select us as your technology partner, our goal is to enhance your work to make you more productive. We provide priority shipping and unlimited support after sales to get you the results you need.

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