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3D Scanners for Reverse Engineering

3D Scanners for Reverse Engineering

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The term “reverse engineering” refers to the process of taking an existing product or system and deconstructing it in an attempt to understand, recreate, or improve upon its design. The definition may sound simple enough; however, the act of deconstruction is anything but easy. That's where 3D Wonder's 3D scanners for reverse engineering come in.

Our scanners allow you to accurately digitize highly complex 3D models of parts, tools, and products so that you can easily reference important features in 3D space and copy the original engineer's design intent, revolutionizing the reverse engineering process.

The Gold Reverse-Engineering bundle will help you create simple to complex 3D models that are accurate to the 3D scan data. QUICKSURFACE is a complete reverse-engineering solution for converting 3D scan polygonal meshes of digitized parts into accurate digital parametric CAD/CAM designs. Choose any 3D scanner we supply to create this bundle! Contact us if you'd like to see a demonstration of the software or need more information about our 3D scanners for reverse engineering.

Package Includes

Perpetual License with 1st-year maintenance, including updates, upgrades, and software support.

Each additional year of maintenance after the 1st year is $646 for QUICKSURFACE.

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Financing options are available through:

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