Introducing 3D Scanning Technology at The Nueva School

Introducing 3D Scanning Technology at The Nueva School

As we embark on the journey of 2024, we extend our warmest greetings and wishes for an exhilarating year ahead! We eagerly anticipate the unveiling of your latest projects and groundbreaking innovations.

To inaugurate this promising year, we are honored to have been invited by The Nueva School to introduce their high school students to cutting-edge 3D scanning technology. This immersive experience, spanning 2.5 hours, took place within their I-Lab at the San Mateo campus.

Among our array of 3D scanning solutions, we showcased the capabilities of the Einscan H2 alongside its human scanning application. Students were captivated as they delved into the intricacies of traditional Hollywood Special Effects (SFX) Make-Up processes, contrasting the laborious hours required for clay molding with the swift precision afforded by the Einscan H2 facial scanning, completing in mere minutes.

Furthermore, the transformative impact of 3D scanning within the realm of Prosthetics has been profound. Formerly, Prosthetists endured arduous processes, necessitating multiple clinic visits to obtain precise measurements of patients' body parts. Today, thanks to 3D scanning technology, these measurements can be acquired swiftly and accurately, facilitating the creation of tailored prosthetic sockets that prioritize both comfort and support. The integration of 3D scanning has revolutionized the efficacy and efficiency of this crucial process.

Upon conclusion of the session, the seeds of inspiration were sown, with a student expressing a newfound interest in exploring Prosthetic solutions, while some aspired to create their own metahumans using the 3D head scan results. We are not only astounded by their curiosity but also invigorated by their boundless creativity.



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