5 Must-Know Advantages of 3D Body Scanning

5 Must-Know Advantages of 3D Body Scanning

Our handheld 3D scanners take millions of measurements of the human body to create a highly accurate and detailed 3D model. This may sound like science fiction technology, but a wide variety of industries are already using these devices to advance and streamline business. If you’re interested in learning just how useful and revolutionary this technology is, read on to discover the advantages of 3D body scanning and how it’s changing the world.

Health and Fitness

3D body scanning allows users to create a detailed image of a person that can give insight into different areas of their body. Athletic and personal training industries are using this technology to advance their programs and help people reach their fitness goals like never before. 3D scanning can take detailed measurements, track goals and how the body changes, and provide information on balance and posture. This can give athletes and personal trainers the knowledge and data they need to create precise, targeted workout and fitness regimens.

Medical Advancements

One of the top advantages of 3D body scanning is its role in the medical industry. Not only can 3D body scanning create 3D models of the entire body, but it can also render models of specific limbs and amputation sites. This data helps prosthetists easily create highly personalized prosthetics to change lives. The resulting prosthetics are more form-fitting and comfortable, but that’s not all. 3D body scanners can also help create custom insoles, braces, and orthotic devices for any body part by detecting subtle changes in form the human eye can’t pick up on.

Special Effects

If you’ve ever seen prosthetic makeup artists or special effects makers create custom prosthetics or models of their actors, you already have some insight into how long those processes can take. Oftentimes, actors and models sit in a chair for a very long time to have casts and molds taken off their faces and bodies. 3D body scanning technology can take all these measurements in just a few minutes so that artists can create custom models and prosthetics without the actors’ presence. This helps artists streamline their jobs and lets actors get back to the set and spend less time sitting in the makeup department.

Wig Design

In the past, wig design companies needed to spend hours casting and molding the heads of their customers to get accurate measurements for designing custom-fit wigs. With Einscan H2, companies can swiftly execute this measurement process.

Garment Design

When you can take hundreds of pinpoint measurements all in one go, custom garment design becomes quicker and easier. With 3D scanning, designers can get a closer look at the exact body shape of a model or customer to easily create a garment without meticulously measuring clientele by hand. As opposed to mobile body-scanning technologies, our 3D body scanner produces accurate scan results. This makes it easier for clothing designers, dressmakers, and tailors to get the right measurements and create made-to-measure clothing for all body types. This is particularly useful for costume design, haute couture, and red-carpet pieces.

If you’re ready to advance your business with this groundbreaking technology, 3D Wonders has the equipment you need to get started. Our Einscan H2 is a handheld device that allows you to generate accurate 3D models. Whether you want to create prosthetics, medical devices, or garments—or even recreate tools, furniture, or equipment—our devices can do it all.

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