Freescan Trio

The First Marker-Free Metrology 3D Scanner!
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The FreeScan Trio is the first marker-free laser 3D scanner that provides unbeatable accuracy and precision. Accelerate your 3D scan workflow with the incredible 98 laser-line mode that collects up to a whopping 3,010,000 points per second. You can now reach the highest efficiency of 3D scanning with no preparation of reflective markers or scan spray.

The FreeScan Trio also provides three additional laser scanning modes that deliver amazing accuracy, each capable of reaching up to 0.02mm. Those who need high accuracy for very large parts can utilize the built-in photogrammetry system with a volumetric accuracy of up to 0.02mm + 0.015mm/m. Whether you need speed or accuracy on small or large assemblies, the versatile FreeScan Trio is geared for all your projects.

Freescan Trio
Key features of Freescan Trio:
- 98 Laser Lines for Marker-Free 3D Scanning
- Captures up to 3,010,000 points per second
- Three 5 Megapixel Cameras
- Accuracy up to 0.02 mm 
- 4 Laser-Line Scan Modes and Built-In Photogrammetry

4 Laser-Line Scan Modes:
  • 98 laser lines: Marker-free, ultra-fast scan speed of up to 3,010,000 points/s
  • 26 laser lines: 650 x 580 mm FOV for efficient 3D scanning
  • 7 laser lines: Industrial-grade, 5MP cameras to capture exceptional detail
  • 1 laser line: Optimized camera angles for capturing pockets and holes on any part

Every scanner includes a perpetual license of our proprietary software, FXScan, for point cloud processing and data meshing to create a 3D objects for export to a mesh format: STL, OBJ, ASC, or PLY 

We recommend pairing the Freescan Trio with a software specifically for reverse-engineering or inspection purposes. Take our software test here to find the right software for your goals!

Hardware Recommendations:

  • Intel dual-core i7  -10700 processor
  • Nvidia   GTX/RTX series cards, higher or equal to GeForce RTX 3060 (Intel Integrated or AMD cards will NOT WORK with this scanner)
  • ≥6GB VRAM and   ≥64GB RAM 
  • USB 3.0 connection

Supported OS: Windows 10, 11 (64bit)

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