Restoring excavator buckets with 3D scanning

Restoring Excavator Buckets with 3D Scanning | Einscan HX 3D Scanner


Excavator buckets and other related components often need repair after long-term use. In order to fix them, they are taken to a shop that can measure the broken part and generate a CAD drawing that can be used with a CNC cutting machine. Once the part has been cut, it is welded back onto the bucket. 3D scanning can make the difficult task of manually measuring the bucket outline, which can take days for a professional to do, much simpler. 

With the Einscan HXwe can capture various broken areas over one session and use the 3D data to generate cross-sections or spline curves for 2D sketches from a range of areas that need attention. This process has made an arduous task much easier! 


To use this workflow,
you'll need to equip yourself with a handheld laser scanner, necessary for capturing the often rusted/ worn-down surfaces of these objects with high accuracy. Then, you'll need the scanner software to piece together the data and generate a mesh file that can be used. Afterward, there is a selection of 3D graphic software to extract the important features you want for your goal.

excavator bucket drawing in autocad

Geomagic Essentials
 - This software is perfect to pair for this application as it can extract cross sections and create 2D sketches such as cross sections (splines, polylines), circles, slots, planes and 3D shapes such as cylinders, spheres, and cones to assist you in your preferred CAD modeling program. This process works best for users of AutoCAD or a similar 2D drafting program.

QUICKSURFACE | MESH2SURFACE for SW- This software provides additional tools for reverse-engineering with your native CAD package - SolidWorks, Fusion 360, Creo, etc. that helps significantly speed up the time it takes to recreate a complex part. Check out the tutorials on our product page for the tools and workflows designed for reverse-engineering parts. 


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